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 Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Want to Fight With You

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تاريخ التسجيل : 31/05/2013
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MessageSujet: Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Want to Fight With You   Dim Juin 23, 2013 6:13 pm

hese days, Mayim Bialik is just as associated with her parenting as she is with her acting. The 37-year-old star of “The Big Bang Theory” is a licensed lactation education counselor, writes a column on the Jewish parenting blog Kveller, and has penned a book on attachment parenting (a practice that involves "baby wearing" — carrying a baby or putting him or her in a sling across your body rather than a stroller — as well as "co-sleeping").
The attention is good in some ways, as Bialik says she enjoys sharing her knowledge with fellow moms and dads, but bad in others … like when strangers want to argue with her out of nowhere.

“If I’m talking to girlfriends, if I’m talking to random people, and we’re talking about parenting, I tell them what works for me and why. But a lot of people want to ask me things so that they can fight with me,” the mom of two shares. “And just because I’m a public person, who happened to have breastfed and slept with her kids, that doesn’t mean that I want to fight with you on the street or in the supermarket. So, I think you have to be really careful to understand why people want to know what they want to know.”

Bialik made headlines earlier this year after writing a blog post about finally weaning her younger son Fred at age 4 … and reactions varied from applause to disgust. “Obviously the notion of an older child nursing is very strange to some people. In certain cultures it’s not. And I was very careful about when and how I chose to breastfeed my older child. I put a lot of boundaries and limits around it and again took the guidance of women who had sort of walked this path before me," she explains. "I think the notion of breastfeeding at all is still very controversial in some circles."


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Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Want to Fight With You
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